How to adopt a Greyhound – How we found our greyhound for adoption


Taking in the sights of my new home.

This is Fisher, our adopted Greyhound. Fisher is a retired racer that we adopted from Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option (MSGAO), this group is associated with a local race track. His former racing name was Fishen Hole. So, how did this story start?

The right place, the right time

My wife and I decided we were ready to adopt another doggie into our family, but hadn’t decided much more than that… then one day we went to a big pet supply store to look around and get some food for her King Charles Cavalier. When we walked into the store we were greeted by these gentle giants and immediately fell in love. Visiting that day was the local Greyhound adoption organization, MSGAO. We were amazed at the calm demeanor and sheer size of these retired racers. They were not rowdy, just chilling and loving a pet from all the curious shoppers.

We engaged in a very informative chat with one of the volunteers and he told us all about how some of these retired racers are rescued and offered as pets for adoption. This was our chance to give a majestic greyhound the chance to retire into a fun home where he can be just a dog…a very spoiled dog. Before we knew it, we packed the 3 kids, wife and me into our SUV and made our way to the rescue.

A place of Selfless love

When we arrived we saw the most caring people and lots of greyhounds; some were adoptable and some others were just boarding (I’ll touch on this on another post). We went in the back and selected a few dogs we liked and they gladly brought them out for us to have some interactions. It was a hard decision, but Fisher won our hearts.

The next step was filling out the application, it was quite lengthy, but I totally agree that no one should cut corners when finding the right and qualified parent for a pet. After many questions, we turned it in, said goodbye to Fisher and left. Now, hurry up and wait…

The (not so) long wait

The approval process was supposed to be around 2 weeks, but to our surprise, we were called just a few days later and told we were approved to take Fisher home. We packed the SUV again and off we went the following Saturday. We paid the adoption fee and we were the proud parents of Fisher!

And the adventure begins…

On a side note, these organizations all work with volunteers, donations and adoption fees. The price of the fee also makes it difficult for unscrupulous people to adopt a dog and turn around and sell it for a profit.

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