Greyhound Quiz No 1

Hi there! How much do you know about Greyhounds? Are you an expert? Newbie? Take the Greyhound Quiz No 1 to find out now! After you are done, invite your friends to take the quiz, share the results and see who is the Great Greyhound Guru!

1) Greyhounds can see moving objects from very far away (a squirrel up to half a mile away) due to their:

2) In Racing Greyhounds, the tattoo on the right ear is the dog's:

3) In racing Greyhounds, the tattoo on the left ear indicates:

4) In what year did the AKC recognize the Greyhound Breed?

5) This ruler was buried with his Greyhounds:

6) During a race, a Greyhound can lose up to:

7) Racing Greyhounds are quite lean dogs. They have about half the fat of other dog breeds.
What is the racing Greyhound's fat content?

8) The Greyhound is the only dog breed mentioned in the Bible. Where is it mentioned?

9) The average top speed of a racing Greyhound is:

10) Greyhounds were originally bred as:

11) In Homer's Odyssey, upon his return, Odysseus was only recognized by his loyal Greyhound. What was his name?

12) Greyhounds were first featured in coins around:

13) For every AKC registered Greyhound, how many are registered with National Greyhound Association (NGA)?

14) The average life span of a Greyhound is

15) These royals had Greyhounds (select all that apply)

16) The Greyhound is a:


17) Which Author first mentions the Greyhound in literature?

18) Spanish Greyhounds are called:

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