Greyhound Adoption: How to find greyhound adoption organizations

Greyhound Adoption: How to find a retired greyhound

You’ve done your homework and all the research. You’ve gone through the checklists and meet the requirements. You have come to the definite conclusion that a greyhound is the right dog and breed for you, and that adopting a retired racing greyhound is the way to go. So you are eager to start the process. Let’s find a retired greyhound for you! (If you need reasons to adopt a greyhound, check this post and if you’d like to test drive a greyhound, try this one).

So, where do we start the process? Fortunately retired greyhound adoption is a very organized, straight forward process and most adoption organizations worldwide have great websites. These websites will have general information on greyhounds, tips, directions, as well as the adoption application and some even have available dog listings, with pictures!

There are many large national and international organizations, as well as smaller ones. Some are affiliated with Dog race tracks, and some are independent. Some support racing and some don’t.

One thing that I can’t stress enough, and is crucial in successful greyhound adoption is meeting the dogs in person, not just selecting a dog based on a picture on the internet. Making the effort to go out to the adoption agency and interacting with the available dogs is beneficial, in the long run, for both you and your new retired racer. Remember, as they say, the dog may select you instead of the other way around!

Keeping this in mind, start with greyhounds that are near your hometown. What is your closest dog race track? Some of the links below will let you search by city, state or zip code. I’ve also included a link to some international adoption organizations for our readers abroad!

GPA (Greyhound Pets of America)

Here’s a huge list of rehoming organizations worldwide

Some recommended rescue sites in other countries

I hope these links help you get started on your search for that perfect Greyhound to adopt.

Also, make sure you are ready, here are the 6 items to have before you bring your greyhound home.

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