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65300_10151471846346406_497466796_nWelcome to Happy Greyhound!

My name is Edo and this is my story.

BTW, this is a picture of Fisher and me (I’m the one on the left. The good looking one is Fisher, on the right).

I’ve always had dogs, all of them rescued from different organizations and shelters. I’ve had a couple of Poodles, two Beagles, a Beagle mix, a Jack Russell terrier, an English bulldog, a King Charles Cavalier, a Schnauzer mix and my fabulous Greyhound. This is over the span of 40 years. The Cavalier, the Schnauzer and the Greyhound are still with us.

About a year ago I adopted Fisher, our retired racing greyhound and it has been a most enjoyable trip. I love the breed, the personality and most importantly that we are placing these gorgeous dogs into homes after their racing careers.

Why Greyhounds?

Well, it’s one of the few breeds of dogs that is a result of an industry other than the pet trade. Adopting a Greyhound doesn’t stimulate the puppy mill or backyard breeder industry. Makes sense, right?

As it stands, the dog racing industry is going to be around for a while and that creates a steady supply of these majestic pets. In the past, many of these dogs were treated as commodities and disposed of when they didn’t produce anymore. Fortunately we’ve come a long way and an outlet for these retired dogs has been developed. Many dogs are adopted and enjoy a very well deserved retirement.

I didn’t know much about Greyhounds and I can say with certainty that I would’ve adopted many more Greyhounds if I had been aware of the availability of these sight hounds. So, that’s my mission, to raise awareness and educate the public, prospective adopters and new Greyhound parents about this wonderful world of Retired Racing Greyhounds and the fantastic pets they make.

Why www.HappyGreyhound.com?

When I was considering adopting a Greyhound and researching everything about the breed, industry, etc. I noticed that all the information was spread all over the immense ocean we call the internet. Each rescue or adoption organization had its own website and the information was sporadic and patchy. I had trouble finding answers all my questions. So, I decided to put all the information in one place…here. At HappyGreyhound.com you will find useful articles, tips, product reviews, rescue locations and all the resources needed by the greyhound parent for a successful adoption…and greyt life!

If you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me, I answer all my emails and comments to all the posts. I’ve also created a Facebook Page where I put the most beautiful pictures of greyhounds and where you can submit your pictures as well.

Also, sign up for my newsletter, I send out freebies like training e-books, tips and you’ll get notified when I publish something here.

Again, I’m glad you’re here and I’m here for you!




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