Exercising with your Greyhound Dog

Greyhound Adoption: Benefits of exercising with your dog

Retired Greyhounds: 6 Benefits of Exercising with your Dog Exercising with your greyhound has countless benefits, for both, you the pet parent, and your dog. From going out for a walk to … Continue Reading →

Greyhound Adoption: How to find greyhound adoption organizations

Greyhound Adoption: How to find a retired greyhound You’ve done your homework and all the research. You’ve gone through the checklists and meet the requirements. You have come to the … Continue Reading →

Separation Anxiety in Adopted Greyhounds

Separation Anxiety in Greyhounds – Online Resources

I’ve written a few posts about Separation Anxiety in Retired Greyhounds since this seems to be an issue prevalent in greyhounds that have spent their working lives surrounded by other hounds and … Continue Reading →


The Greyhound Dog – Brief History of the Breed

The popular Greyhound is an intelligent and majestic breed of dog featuring a combination of a slim build, long powerful legs, a flexible spine and deep chest; making its anatomy … Continue Reading →


Greyhound Adoption – Why Adopt a retired racing Greyhound?

There are too many reasons to adopt a retired Greyhound, way too many to list here. After going through the innumerable list, I had to force myself to distill the list … Continue Reading →


Running with your dog – Do’s and Don’t's of running with your adopted Greyhound

Way back, before I adopted my Greyhound Fisher, and before I started this blog, I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. I did this for 25 years … Continue Reading →


Retired Greyhound Adoption – 3 ways to test drive a retired Greyhound

I’ve been getting some questions about whether a Greyhound is the right dog breed to adopt. This is understandable since the information out there points to Greyhounds being different than … Continue Reading →


Free Video – 5 crucial puppy concepts for adopted Greyhounds

We love Doggy Dan’s training videos and we have used all of them with our adopted greyhounds. The wonderful, and sometimes scary thing about adopting an ex-racing Greyhound is that it’s like … Continue Reading →

Fisher - Adopted Greyhound

7 tips for separation anxiety in greyhounds

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety and have difficulty dealing with situations where they find themselves alone. A retired racing greyhound that transitions into retirement as a house pet is particularly susceptible … Continue Reading →

Adopted retired greyhound running

Greyhound hydration – Ninadog Product Review

Have you ever gone out with your dog and needed water for him? This is something that has happened to me a few times. I would try to share my … Continue Reading →